miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

My Pet

Apartados para la descripción de la MASCOTA

1)      Name
2)      Type of animal
a.       Specie or kind of animal
b.      Male/female
c.       Invertebrate/vertebrate
                                                               i.      Mammal
                                                             ii.      Reptile
                                                            iii.      Bird
                                                           iv.      Amphibian
                                                             v.      Fish
d.      Oviparous/viviparous
e.      Omnivorous/herbivorous/carnivorous
                                                               i.      Leaves
                                                             ii.      Meat
                                                            iii.      Fish
                                                           iv.      Fodder
                                                             v.      Bones
                                                           vi.      Seaweed
3)      Physical description

a.       Head
b.      Body
c.       Tail
d.      Legs
e.      Feather
f.        Wing
g.       Scale
h.      Hoof
i.         Sting
j.        Beak
k.       Claw
l.         Shell
m.    Fur
n.      Horn
o.      Mane
p.      Whiskers
q.      Snout
r.        Gill

4)      Where do they live?
a.       Fish bowl
b.      Cage
c.       Land
d.      Water (sea, ocean, lake…)
e.      Grasslands
f.        Farm
g.       House
5)      What can/ can’t they do?

a.       Fly
b.      Run
c.       Swim
d.      Speak
e.      Jump
f.        Dig
g.       Bite
h.      Peck
i.         Scratch
j.        Play

6)      Special cares
a.       Bath (frequency)
b.      Cut the nails/ hair
c.       Brush
d.      Walk
e.      Change the water of the fish bowl
7)      Adjectives

a.       Furry
b.      Ferocious
c.       Dangerous
d.      Agile
e.      Clever
f.        Tame
g.       Playful
h.      Young/ Old
i.         Big / small
j.      Fast/ Slow