miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016



1.- This is a large animal. It has a mane, short fur and a long tail. People often ride these.

2.-This animal is a domestic animal. It has fur and whiskers and a long tail.

3.-This animal has scales and lives in the water. Sometimes people keep them in an aquarium.

4.-This animal has feathers and wings but can’t fly long distances. It lives on a farm.

5.- This animal is large and grey. It has a horn on its snout. It lives in Africa.

6. This is my favourite animal. It's a mammal. It's brown. It lives in the savanah in Africa. It's got four strong legs. It can run fast and hunt animals. It eats meat. It's the king of the animals. I like it very much.

7. It's a mammal. It's black or brown. It lives in the jungle. It's got two legs and two arms. It can climb trees. It eats fruits and insects. I like it very much.

8. My favourite animal is the______. It's a reptile. It's yellow and black. It lives in the jungle. It's got a long body. It hasn't got any legs. It can wiggle. It eats animals.

9My favourite animal is the _______. It's a sea mammal. It's blue. It lives in the ocean. It's got a long body, fins and a tail. It  hasn't got any legs.  It can swim. It eats fish

10.My favourite animal is the _______It´s  a mammal. It´s grey and black.
It eats meat. It lives in the forest. It can run very fast, jump and attack his victims.   It can´t climb trees and fly. It´s got strong teeth and a furry body.

11.My favourite animal is the ______. It's a mammal. It's grey. It's got a long nose and two big ears. It lives in Africa and Asia. It can walk, run and swim. It eats lives and grass. I like it very much

Animal description

Describing Animals

1.- Name:

2.- Type of animal:
·         Dog, parrot, cat, hamster…

3.- Scientific features:

·         Male/female
·         Vertebrate/invertebrate
·         Mammal/reptile/bird/amphibian/fish
·         Viviparous/oviparous
·         Omnivorous/herbivorous/carnivorous
o   It eats:
§  Meat
§  Fish
§  Fodder
§  Bones
§  Leaves
§  seaweeds

4.- Physical description:
·         Head
·         Body
·         Tail
·         Leg
·         Feather
·         Wing
·         Scale
·         Hoof
·         Sting
·         Snout
·         Gill
·         Beak
·         Claw
·         Shell
·         Fur
·         Horn
·         Mane
·         Whisker

5.- Adjectives to describe an animal:
·         Furry
·         Ferocious
·         Dangerous
·         Agile
·         Clever
·         Tame
·         Playful
·         Youn
·         Old
·         Big
·         Small

6.- Where is it from? Where does it live?
·         It’s from ….
·         It lives in …
o   Cage
o   Fish bowl
o   Land
o   Water
o   Grasslands/fields/countrysides

7.- What can it do?
·         It can/It can’t:
o   Fly
o   Run
o   Swim
o   Speak
o   Jump
o   Dig
o   Bite
o   Peck
o   Scratch
o   Play
·         It likes:
o    Eating
o   Running
o   Swimming

8.- Special cares:
·         It doesn’t need any special cares
·         It needs a special shampoo
·         It needs to go out three times a day
·         It needs we change the water…

9.- Personal opinion: