lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

                                                                    This iguana live on land
                                                                              It eats plants

                                                                  This iguana doesn´t eats fish

                                                                    It doesn´t live in the water
                                                                                                                           By : Maeva Aranda 
                                                                                                                                   acuña5 A

This dog lives on land.
It eats meat.
This dog doesn't eat plants.
It doesn't live in water


Halloween en 5ºA

Así celebramos Halloween en 5ºA

Halloween en 5ºB

Así celebramos Halloween en 5ºB

                                                    This dog lives on house
                                                    it eats mits
                                                        this dog doesn´ t eatfish
                                                                                  live in water

My ID card

My name is Claudia .
i'm 10 years old.
i' ve got brown hair and brown eyes.
my favorite subject is science.
i'm very scientific