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My Pet

Apartados para la descripción de la MASCOTA

1)      Name
2)      Type of animal
a.       Specie or kind of animal
b.      Male/female
c.       Invertebrate/vertebrate
                                                               i.      Mammal
                                                             ii.      Reptile
                                                            iii.      Bird
                                                           iv.      Amphibian
                                                             v.      Fish
d.      Oviparous/viviparous
e.      Omnivorous/herbivorous/carnivorous
                                                               i.      Leaves
                                                             ii.      Meat
                                                            iii.      Fish
                                                           iv.      Fodder
                                                             v.      Bones
                                                           vi.      Seaweed
3)      Physical description

a.       Head
b.      Body
c.       Tail
d.      Legs
e.      Feather
f.        Wing
g.       Scale
h.      Hoof
i.         Sting
j.        Beak
k.       Claw
l.         Shell
m.    Fur
n.      Horn
o.      Mane
p.      Whiskers
q.      Snout
r.        Gill

4)      Where do they live?
a.       Fish bowl
b.      Cage
c.       Land
d.      Water (sea, ocean, lake…)
e.      Grasslands
f.        Farm
g.       House
5)      What can/ can’t they do?

a.       Fly
b.      Run
c.       Swim
d.      Speak
e.      Jump
f.        Dig
g.       Bite
h.      Peck
i.         Scratch
j.        Play

6)      Special cares
a.       Bath (frequency)
b.      Cut the nails/ hair
c.       Brush
d.      Walk
e.      Change the water of the fish bowl
7)      Adjectives

a.       Furry
b.      Ferocious
c.       Dangerous
d.      Agile
e.      Clever
f.        Tame
g.       Playful
h.      Young/ Old
i.         Big / small
j.      Fast/ Slow

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Today the highest temperature is____35_____ degrees.
Today the lowest temperature is ____12_____ degrees.


Tomorrow the highest temperature is going to be _____36_____ degrees.
Tomorrow the lowest temperature is going to be ______13____ degrees.

What's the weather like today? Tomorrow?

Today it's sunny
Today it's cloudy
Today it's foggy
Today it's windy
Today it's raining
Today it's snowing
Today it's hot
Today it's warm
Today it's cold
Today it's wet
Today it's dry

Tomorrow it's going to be sunny
Tomorrow it's going to be cloudy
Tomorrow it's going to be foggy
Tomorrow it's going to be windy
Tomorrow it's going to rain
Tomorrow it's going to snow
Tomorrow it's going to be hot
Tomorrow it's going to be warm
Tomorrow it's going to be cold
Tomorrow it's going to be wet
Tomorrow it's going to be dry

How can we take care of our planet?

1. Save energy
2.- Turn off the lights if the room is empty
3.- Save water
4.- Turn off water while brushing your teeth
5,. Turn off water while shampooing
6.- Take short showers instead of baths.
7.- Use bus or subway, ride your bike or walk instead of using the car
8.- Reduce your speed when driving
9.- Separate and save paper, glass, plastic and aluminum for your local recycling center.
10.- Donate to charity unused clothing  that are still in good condition.
11.- Use less paper. Reuse old paper.
12.- Say, "No!" to paper and plastic. Take reusable cloth bags 
13- Buy recycled products
14.- Throw papers to the bin
15.- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Vocabulary Egypt

Social Pyramid

Animals and god/godness

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Irregular Verbs

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Parts of the castle

What did the castle have?
The castle had a flag
The castle had lots of battlements
the castle had a long, big moat
The castle had four ramparts
The castle had several arrow loops
The castle had six windows
The castle had three towers
The castle had a barbican
The castle had a drawbridge
The castle had a portcullis
The castle had  a turret
The castle had a big bailey
The castle had a dungeon

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Middle Ages